Welcome to Syniri (Ex Vinovel)

(After all this time, my English has not improved so if you see a mistake, it will be a pleasure if you send me a message)

Goodbye Vinovel! Welcome, Syrini!

Like you can see, I have reworded all the branding about Vinovel. Why have I done this? When I created Vinovel and Demon and Heart, I was not very serious: I was young and for me creating Visual Novel was just for fun and I thought that nobody will saw my games. 

But here we are with 400+ followers on Gamejolt and Itch.io combined, I can’t say pretend that my games are just for me. So I have decided to celebrate my come back in the game Industry with my new game, I have decided to rework the identity/branding of my studio.

Stat Vinovel Gamejolt
Thanks to all our players for being this many !

I talk about reworking an all but what I have done?

New name for Vinovel and what it means

The name “Vinovel” has been changed to Syniri. It expresses the turn in the vision I have for the studio! Vinovel was inspired by the term Visual Novel but with Syniri, it’s a brandable name (It does not have any meaning) so if I want to make other games (always story focused), I can. The name seems more serious and I also remove the pink who is too girly.

No more asset Stealing and why we need your help

When developing my games, I have a lot of problems with copyright claims and because I have no money at this time, I can’t do anything else than stealing other games assets but I won’t do it anymore. 

I will use artists to make my sprite and all assets of my games! So if you are an artist, you can check our Job pages (I prefer to inform you that I don’t have a big budget).

How I will finance Syniri?

I’m a poor student so I can’t pay a lot of things so that’s why I ask for your help. I will soon launch a Patreon for financing the studio but before the help, I need you to answer this short survey to prepare my Patreon.

Stay informed about Syniri!

We have a new clean twitter at @syniri and we have a blog with a newsletter to stay informed about the news about our studio so don’t hesitate to subscribe to our twitter and/or our newsletter

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