Artists for Syniri

IT’S IMPORTANT TO READ ALL THE PAGES (And sorry for my english)

What do we need?

  • Sprite Artist (Open)
  • Background Artist (Open)
  • CG Artist (Open)

If you can be multiple post at once, it can be a plus


You will be played by Share of the earning of Syniri (Patreon Revenue divided by the team member (Example: If we are 4, you have 25%)). Our games are free so you will work for free for the first and two chapters but after that, I will start a Patreon and all the revenue (minus functioning cost) of this are divided equally between all the member of Syniri


Here, some reference for what I want

General Style

I want some semi-relastic style like Aoi Otaga but if you have another style show me, I’m open

Background Style

The background are futuristic and most of the time is interior