A Writer for Syniri

IT’S IMPORTANT TO READ ALL THE PAGES (And sorry for my english)

What the story about ?


You find a girl in a trash can supplying for help. You rescue her and you’re gonna pick her up at your house but after that, you have the feeling like someone is spying you.


The story have choice but it will not impacted the storyline but it will impact the end of the story so the choice impact wich end we have. I think of a mass effect-like system with Paragon or Renegade but if you have better idea, I’m open

All the choice will in the end return to the main story line and the end of the story differ

Project Size

It will be short but a lot longer than Demon and Heart


The game needs to release one chapter per week (We can add more time between release if you want). The words per chapter are not defined and most of the time, we just start with a begin and an end and so the number of words are not defined

How we work ?

You write one short chapter per week following a bullet point list send by me

You have full liberty of how you write the story! You can place choices where you want, you can decide the number of words. The only restriction is that all choice you want to make need to be validated by me (Don’t worry, I’m easy to persuade)

Genres of the game

  • Romance
  • Scifi
  • Mystery
  • Comedy

The story does not include any sex scene


You will be played by Share of the earning of Syniri (Patreon Revenue divided by the team member (Example: If we are 4, you have 25%)). Our games are free so you will work for free for the first and two chapters but after that, I will start a Patreon and all the revenue (minus functioning cost) of this are divided equally between all the member of Syniri


  • Speaking perfect English (unlike me) and don’t make a lot of spelling error
  • You need to have Discord
  • Some experience in playing Video Games and writing them
  • You need to have plaid Demon and Heart : Prototype
  • Be quick! We need to release one chapter per week (but I can extend this time, I’m not a tyrant)

You have more question or you want to work with us ?

You can ask me any question by send a mail at this adress : Tahal@syniri.xyz

If you want to join syniri, I need some exemple of your previous work (if you have any, create a very short story), what are you not confortable with (exemple writting or working under pressure) and all the details you think I need to know to this mail : Tahal@syniri.xyz